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Hydrocap - Reduce Battery Maintenance & Save Money!


To fully charge any storage battery a certain amount of overcharge is necessary. This overcharging equalizes the power in the cells of the battery. As each cell reaches 80% of capacity it dissipates the surplus energy by boiling. This causes the water in the electrolyte to separate into hydrogen and oxygen gases which vent from the battery and reduce the electrolyte level. Distilled water must be added to make up the loss or your battery could be ruined.

The danger of hydrogen gas explosion is virtually eliminated and corrosion is stopped because the acid spray and fumes are contained.

 HYDROCAPS create a safer battery operation.

Since the hydrogen and oxygen gases are recombined into pure water and returned into the battery, you’ll find watering maintenance is greatly reduced.

Batteries are chemical machines and depend on the purity of their reactants for longevity. By eliminating frequently having to refill water in your battery, you
minimize the risk of contamination of the battery cell. 

The electrolyte returned to the cell increases the useful power available and
lengthens the battery live. HYDROCAPS also provide a very cost effective way to simply evaluate the battery and charging system.